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Car deal process

What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America?

What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss?

What are the tricks salespeople use to increase their profit and how can consumers protect themselves from overpaying?


Car buying advices

As you begin preparations to buy a new car, realize that getting the best possible deal requires a good amount of research and plenty of time. You may need to do a cost-benefit analysis that weighs your time and effort versus the difference between the invoice price and suggested retail. Without investing any time in research or haggle effort, expect to pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the vehicle and possibly more for financing and add-on items.

You should peruse all of this comprehensive guide before you start shopping. Seriously, all of it. It is detailed and big ? because it needs to be. Thanks to, this guide costs you nothing. If you can’t bother to invest the time in reading the whole thing, you’re off to a rotten start in the car-buying process, and your results will be predictable. Remember that this guide, or at least the part about dealer costs, applies to new vehicles only.


Auto loans

It’s not hard to understand what auto loans are for, but knowing their intricacies is often a whole new ballgame. An auto loan is essentially a binding agreement between a lender and a borrower who uses the lender’s funds to get a car. The advantage to getting an auto loan is that you don’t have to wait until you save up the entire purchase price of the car to begin driving it. On the flip side, the loan will incur interest charges, which will result in you actually paying more than the purchase price over the life of the loan. Beyond this simple explanation there are a number of terms and auto loans jargon that you should be aware of so that you are at least armed with the basics of understanding auto loans and how they work.


car reviews

Did you know that you can find out almost everything about a vehicle before you even step foot on the lot? Here you can access the latest reviews that offer a wealth of information on every kind of vehicle imaginable. Find out what the latest road tests reveals about a car of interest and read about features and options available to you. You can also find out everything about the interior and exterior of any vehicle you like. The reviews are separated and categorized for easier access. You can conduct a search from your office or home computer, accessing the various categories: find cars based on the body style, the vehicle class, or by the make. Access several reviews and compare the differences between two or more vehicles ? become a knowledgeable consumer by discovering all of the options available to you. All the information you require to empower yourself to make an informative buying decision is right at your fingertips.