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Finding Cheap Air Fares

When deciding where to go on your vacation, one of the main things you must budget for is the cost of the return air travel to and from your intended destination. To most major cities in the world you will have a number of different airlines to choose from, but it will take a little research to get the best ticket price so that your holiday money stretches that little bit further.

Non-Direct Flights

Although direct flights will save you time and energy, if budget is more of a priority then taking a non-direct flight with a connection from a gateway airport to your final destination could be another way of saving money. Larger airlines will operate cheaper fares to their gateway airport within the country you are going to, but flights direct to smaller cities will be more expensive because they are not as popular and the larger planes need to be able to cover their costs. Booking a double flight so that you have one return flight to your country of destination with a major airline, and then a return flight from there to your intended vacation spot using a local “no frills” type airline could make quite a saving – alternatively, if the distance between the two isn’t so great, consider hiring a car and seeing a little more of the country between the two locations.


Some airlines offer air passes, or allow frequent flyer/air mile saver discounts, or even have partnerships offering savings with hotel chains – all of these need to be considered to see which of the options available to you offers the best deal for your air fare. There are savings to be found, it just take a little bit of effort so that you find the best deal available for your situation.


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